Painting is a must if you want to refresh your house or give it a makeover. But considering the price while painting the interior is a mandatory thing. According to Angi, people expect around $1900-$2000 to paint their house. However, the price can be dependent on a lot of other factors like the size of the house, the prep work, or the materials required. In this blog, we have summarized all the important aspects to keep in mind while charging for interior painting.

Visit the painting site first

This is the best thing before suggesting the final price. You can visit the original site and look for the factors that may increase the price. For instance, you will need more paint to cover dark walls or different accent walls will take more time than just painting one room.

After that, you can measure the wall space yourself and ask the customer if they want to just paint the walls or doors and ceiling as well. Ask them if they will buy the painting supplies themselves or if you have to prepare them. Asking all these beforehand will make your estimate more efficient. If you are a newbie, you can get help from an experienced painter and consult to understand the business.

How much do painters charge for interior painting?

Painters mainly charge for two things, materials and labor. All the other things are somehow dependent on these two things. Usually, labor cost is about 80% to 85% of the total cost. You also have to look for the total painting estimate that will go along with your availability and other factors. 

Cost per square foot

Mostly the price for painting one foot is about $2 to $3 which includes two coats of paint. Painting windows, doors, or panels may increase this price. If there are millworks, you can charge a little more for that. The type of building and area also contribute to the total price, hence you can charge the overall project by these milestones.

Calculating total estimate

If you want to make the whole price plan before the project, start by calculating the square footage of different areas. Calculate the perimeter of the area and multiply it with the room’s height. You can reduce the door and window areas for more accurate measurements.

Per hour

Per-hour painting rates are rare but painters can still calculate them. Professional painters can be hired for about $20 to $30 per hour for a basic job and about $100 for special works. Professional painters have to consider the double coating and prep work before charging.

Per room

Painting charges per room are also rare. A whole bedroom can be charged for about $800 to $1200 and other big rooms like living areas can be charged about $3000. You can measure the area and paint needed for the whole coverage while budgeting. 

Per day

A per-day cost for painting is about $200 to $500 but it can be influenced by other small factors such as a rainy day or any natural emergency. You can make a per-day price plan according to your availability.

Factors estimating the final price

As stated earlier, labor costs contribute the most in determining the overall budget of a painting project, but other factors are also a major part of it. They need to be added for a complete estimated plan. The other 15% to 20% of the total charging factors are below:

Materials and labor costs

The paints can cost about $15 to $100 per gallon, depending upon the brand and quality. You can alter the rates according to the preferences of your customers. For example, they might want to use oil-based paints or semigloss for their finishes.

The paint contractor supplies typically charge around $45 per gallon, you can establish a good working relationship with them to avail supplier discounts. After selecting the paint, calculate the quantity needed by taking measurements of the area. Typically, 5 gallons (ca. 19 l) of paint covers about 1800 square feet (1.67 a) of area. 

Other necessary things needed for the job include:

  • Tapes
  • Masking paper and plastics
  • Sandpapers
  • Scrapers
  • Buckets
  • Brushes
  • Paint rollers
  • Ladders
  • Pressure washers

Price estimations can be varied if you are buying these items for the first time.

Preparation before painting

Mostly the painters add the preparation cost to the painting budget, but you can separately add them if the preparation work is extensive. Moving furniture and clearing space can save time and money. Removing old ceilings or mildew stain walls can also contribute to the cost. You have to already be aware of any extensive repairs and remediation before time.

Add the market costs and markup

Paying for lead work is a very important point to consider in charging for painting. Always check the marketing costs of your items and labor before starting any project.

The second thing to consider is your markup for the service. Typically, a 30% markup is good if you are new to the business and it can go up to 50% for professional work. Finally, add all these contributing prices to propose the final painting price that includes materials cost, labor costs, marketing or lead work, and markups.

Benefits of hiring a professional painter

Most homeowners prefer to DIY paint their home interior but hiring a professional company can give the best results. It can save money as well as overall time. Rolling with Landmark Painting provides amazing interior painters’ services at the most affordable prices. Step into the world of professional services and create masterpieces with our help.

Final words

When estimating the price of interior painting, considering different factors like wall color, prep works, additional remediation, etc. is an important aspect. Painting charges mainly include the materials used according to the customers’ needs and the labor costs. You can charge for painting per foot, hour, or room depending upon your availability. All the contributing factors like area and footage should be kept in mind before final estimations. If you are a professional, You have to make a complete price plan including materials costs and your profit for charging the interior painting. These points can be helpful for you for your next painting project.