“What does a carpenter do?” it’s not a common question that we are asked but we are glad that you asked it. Carpenters perform a wide variety of tasks and are very important to our society.

To understand the importance of their skill we would like you to just imagine a world without carpenters. All the things made of timber will be gone! All the great structures and human advancements would not have been possible without carpentry. 

The chair you are sitting on, the door through which you will enter your room, the stairs, the roof, and almost everything that we see around us is because of carpenters. 

Humanity itself would not have progressed at such a fast pace without the carpenters. Humans needed shelter for protection against the weather conditions and external threats like animals and enemies. 

There are generally 4 types of carpenters or you can say carpentry services, these are the following:

Rough carpentry

Involves the handling of large pieces of timber to construct large projects. The rough timber is usually handed over to rough carpenters and they are equipped with cutting down these large logs into smaller pieces and create a solid structure out of it. It is one of the most difficult and dangerous carpentry jobs. 

Finishing and trimming carpentry

This type of carpentry usually involves the building and repairing of wooden decorations. It includes designing beautiful staircases, functional and decorative windows, and other wooden decorations. 


This type involves the making and repairs fo cabinets, doors, and other things that we use in our kitchens and bathrooms. It also includes doors and every wooden object that is attached to the main structure with hinges.  

So, now that we know what is carpentry and why it’s important, we can start with our list of all the possible things that a carpenter can perform. 

Things that they do

  1. Build wooden structures

We all have some great ideas in our minds for our home. But our dream homes can only come to reality if we are able to explain the design and our expectations to a carpenters. Not only that, the carpenter has to be able to understand the job properly. And most of them do. That is why we see all the beautiful and firm homes in the US. they are all made of wood and all built by carpenters. The roof under which we comfortably sleep is also constructed by them.

  1. Wooden decorations (crown moldings)

Wooden decorations have been around for thousands of years. These are found in almost all ancient structures, from Mughal architecture to Roman architecture. Wooden decorations were a staple of every building. 

And these aren’t just the things of the past. They are still widely popular in our modern world. Wooden frames, crown moldings, luxurious furniture, and the list goes on. These decorations require the craftsmanship of skilled carpenters. The smaller the size of the decoration, the more difficult it becomes to produce in bulk because most of these are handcrafted. 

  1. Decks and Patios

The deck that you comfortably sit on and have a cup of coffee is also made up of wood and is also made by a carpenter. Although the people who build this deck might call themselves deck specialists or deck constructors, the essence of the job is carpentry. It involves cutting and gluing together wooden pieces and turn into a beautiful and stable platform that you can use for your leisure time. Extreme focus and care have to be put in to ensure that the deck remains in place and does not collapse under pressure. 

  1. Build and repair wooden stairs

Have a broken stair? Or want to build a new wooden staircase? The person you are going to call is your local carpenter. Stairs are an important part of every home. Because they are very common, carpenters have mastered the craft of building stairs. They are also well-equipped to repair damaged or broken stairs in no time. 

  1. Repairing old and damaged cabinets

Creaking sounds from your cabinets? Or have leaning cabinets that are about to fall? Carpenter is the person that is going to fix this. They have the expertise to fix all these issues with cabinets. Some carpenters can also help you get custom cabinets if you want. They also know which wood is better suited to kitchens and which wood is better suited to humid conditions like that of bathrooms. 

  1. Helps in framing a door

Bought a door that doesn’t fit? Guess what, a carpenter is going to help you in this case again. Carpenters have the right tools and equipment to trim the wooden doors so that they can perfectly fit in your door frame. Also, it’s recommended to call a carpenter in the first place to help you with the selection and installation of the door. 

  1. Helps in renovation

As the majority of the residential buildings in the US are made up of mainly wood, a renovation will require the help of a carpenter. Yes, you might not need to hire a carpenter for renovation but that renovation company will either hire one or have their own carpenter in their team.  

  1. Operate heavy machinery

Carpentry involves operating heavy and specialized tools like chainsaws, drills, nail guns, and more. These can be dangerous if handled improperly. All these require proper training under the supervision of a professional. Proper SOPs and guidelines have to be followed to ensure that no one is hurt while operating these tools. 

  1.  Build furniture

Beds, tables, chairs, bookcases, dressers, cabinets, couches, and all the other furniture that you see in your home are not possible without the help of carpenters. 


Carpenters do much more and we cannot cover all of them in this article. However, we have discussed some of the most obvious and visible things that we cannot imagine without carpenters.